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A business, even a small business should be able to get a business auto loan to purchase a vehicle for use by the business.

The major difference between a business auto loan and auto loans to individuals is that the auto loan is taken out by the business. Another difference is that the vehicle is usually registered in the name of the business.

If the vehicle is needed for the business, there will be significant tax benefits to a business auto loan. The cost of the vehicle, the cost of the loan and the depreciation (loss of value over time) of the vehicle can usually be written off in taxes.

Finding a Business Auto Loan

The first place that a business should look for an auto loan is its bank. If a business runs a lot of money through its checking accounts it should not have trouble getting an auto loan from the bank.

Many car dealers, especially dealers that specialize in selling vehicles to business offer business auto loans. Car manufacturers and finance companies have special programs to offer business auto loans to firms.

If a business needs a special or custom vehicle, the manufacturers and dealers that sell such vehicle usually provide financing for them. Many dealers and manufacturers have special lease and loan programs to help business purchase their vehicle.

There are also online loan brokers and lenders that offer business auto loans. These lenders will usually work with a business that can prove it has cash flow.

Business Auto Loan with Bad Credit

A business with bad credit may have to turn to online loan brokers and lenders for a business auto loan. There are many lenders such as hard money lenders that make business auto loans.

To get these auto loans the business will probably have to demonstrate that it has cash flow. This is usually done by providing bank records or sells receipts. Many of these lenders will extend business auto loans.

Businesses may also be able to get business loans using equity in the business or real estate held by the business. In an equity loan the loan is secured by the value of the business or the real estate. A business will have to demonstrate it has equity to get one of these loans.

What to Look for in Business Auto Loans

A business auto loan is just like any other auto loan. A business should try and get the best business auto loan with the best terms and the lowest interest rate.

Shopping around for a business auto loan will help a business save money on an auto loan.  Getting a loan that a business can pay off quickly will also help the business save money. Since the cost of vehicle can be written off as depreciation, paying off a business loan quickly can result in tax savings.

Businesses that need more than one vehicle could be able to get a package deal on auto loans from a lender or dealer. Dealers will be motivated to give a business that needs to purchase multiple vehicles a special deal on business auto loans. Financing several vehicles at once can help a business save quite a bit of money on vehicle financing.