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Auto loans are the most common means of financing the purchase of cars today. Most people need auto loans financing to purchase a vehicle because the prices of new and used vehicles have risen to a level that most people simply can not afford. Even a basic used car can now cost several thousand dollars to buy.

This means that most people will have to get auto loans financing if they want to buy a car. An auto loan is an advance of money used to purchase a vehicle. Most auto loans are underwritten by large banks and finance companies and issued car dealers.

The vast majority of vehicles purchased today are purchased through auto loans financing. Most people get auto loans financing for vehicle purchase through car dealers. Without auto loans financing most families would not be able to afford a vehicle.

How Auto Loans Financing Works

An auto loan is a secured loan similar to a mortgage. In auto loans financing a lender advances money which is used to pay for a vehicle. The lender then keeps the title or legal ownership of the vehicle but lets the borrower use the vehicle.

In exchange for the use of the vehicle, the borrower agrees to make monthly payments to the lender. The payments pay for the cost of the vehicle or the principal of the loan plus interest. When all of the payments have been made the borrower is able to take possession of the vehicle.

The lender makes money in an auto loan by charging interest on the loan. The interest is added to the principal and paid in the monthly payments. The interest is how the lender makes money on the loan, by charging interest the lender can make a profit on the loan.

Auto loans are secured loans because they are secured by collateral in the form of the vehicle. In a secured loan the lender reserves the right to take possession of the collateral if the loan is not paid. Since the vehicle is the collateral in an auto loan, the lender has the right to repossess or take the vehicle if the loan is not paid.

How to Get Auto Loans Financing

Most auto loans financing is underwritten by large companies such as GMAC or Chase Bank. These loans are usually put together by dealers when the car is sold. The loan is usually sold to a large lender right after it is written.

It is not uncommon for auto loans to be sold to two or three different lenders at different times during the course of the loan’s existence. The borrower will notice no difference in this process if the loan holder changes.

Where to Find Auto Loans Financing

There was a time when the car dealership and the bank were the only places most people could find auto loans financing. Today auto loans financing is available all over the place including online.

The best place for average people to find auto loans financing is online, where hundreds of lenders make auto loans available. Using online applications average people can apply for auto loans financing from the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Another excellent place to find auto loans financing is credit unions. Credit unions often give dealers excellent deals on auto loans financing to their members.

Loan brokers are professional individuals or services that can help people arrange auto loans financing . Auto loan brokers often give borrowers a greater choice of financing options than traditional lenders.