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Getting out of an auto loan is fairly easy but there is no way to get out of an auto loan without paying some money or damaging your credit rating.

The best way to get out of an auto loan is pay off the auto loan completely. Paying off the auto loan will erase all of your debts and improve your credit score. It will also make life much easier for you by eliminating the auto loan payment completely.

It could be possible to get out of an auto loan early by calling the lender, and asking what it will take to pay it off. Some lenders will let you pay off an auto loan early in exchange for a large payment. Many lenders will do this because they want your business in the future.

Another Way to Get out of Auto Loan

The next best way to get out of auto loan is to trade in your vehicle. When you trade in a vehicle the dealer pays off your existing auto loan and gives you a new loan.

The advantage to a trade in is that can get you a better car or at least a newer model. The drawback is that you will still have to make a monthly car payment.

Sometimes it might be possible to get a lower payment through a trade in. If you trade down and get a cheaper car or a used car you might be able to get a lower monthly car payment out of a trade in.

Bankruptcy to Get Out of Auto Loan

Another way to get out of auto loan is bankruptcy, by declaring bankruptcy a person can erase their debts. Unfortunately bankruptcy will destroy your credit rating and make it hard or impossible to get loans, mortgages and bank accounts in the future.

Bankruptcy is a costly process that will require you to get a lawyer. The bankruptcy will stay on your record for seven years and make it very difficult to undertake financial transactions such as loans and mortgages.

Refinancing to Get Out of Auto Loans

Another method a person can turn to get out of auto loan is refinancing. Refinancing involves taking out a new loan that pays off the auto loan.

Only refinance if the new loan you get will have a lower interest rate which means it will be cheaper than the original loan. One good type of refinancing is an equity loan. If a person owns real estate such as a home and the value of the equity exceeds the amount it is mortgaged for they should be able to borrow against the property. This is called an equity loan and it can be a better deal than a regular car loan because the interest on equity loans is often lower than on auto loans.

It is possible to get out of auto loan and eliminate the expenses from such loans.   One thing to remember is that having a car repossessed does not get you out of an auto loan. You will still be liable for repaying the auto loan even if the car has been repossessed.