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One of the biggest fears people with bad credit have is not being able to buy a reliable vehicle for transportation. These fears are overblown, many people are needlessly going without cars or driving clunkers because they have bad credit.

Most of these people could probably get a personal loan car to get a better vehicle if they were willing to look for one. Contrary to popular belief car dealers and loan companies are willing to work with people who have bad credit.

Shopping for a personal loan car with bad credit

Shopping for a car when you have bad credit is no different than shopping for a car with good credit. You have to be willing to shop around, to visit several different dealers and to look carefully.

Start looking for a car now and take your time. Go to a number of dealers not just the ones that advertise bad credit loans. Once you’re at the dealer look at the cars and if you see one that you want ask about it. Ask how much the car is and what options are available for car buyers with bad credit.

Listen to the salesperson and don’t make a hasty decision. If the offer sounds good take it, but if it isn’t what you want don’t be afraid to walk away. If the dealer can’t give you a good deal go elsewhere there are lots of dealers one should be able to work with you.

Don’t let car dealers bully you because you have bad credit

One mistake many car shoppers make is to let car dealers intimidate them because they have bad credit. These people feel embarrassed or ashamed because of their credit record. Worse many of them let car dealers talk them into a higher price, a higher interest rate on a loan or buying a vehicle they don’t want.

You are not a second-class citizen because you have bad credit. Your money is just as good as everybody else’s and the car dealers still want your business. So don’t let them intimidate you, if they don’t give you a good deal because you have bad credit walk away. When you do walk away let them know why.

It’s a buyer’s market for cars

Car dealers will work with people with bad credit because they loose money when a car sits on a lot. This means that people with bad credit maybe able to get a good deal on a personal loan car if they’re willing to help dealers get cars they can’t sell off the lot.

Now is a particularly good time to do this because auto sales are weak because of the bad economy. New and used car dealers alike have large inventories of cars they can’t get rid of.

A car buyer can take advantage of this by shopping for models or makes of vehicles that aren’t selling well. An example of a brand of cars that isn’t selling well right now is Chrysler, Chrysler still makes excellent vehicles and has excellent dealers. This means that buyers who are willing to buy Chrysler and Dodge vehicles can get some really good deals.

Another way to get a deal is to shop for used cars. Good on new cars and cash for clunkers promotions have left many dealers with large inventories of used cars. Dealers are often willing to give people with bad credit good terms on these vehicles to get rid of them.