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Getting a second personal loan from the same lender is usually easier and faster than getting the first personal loan.

Taking out a second personal loan from the same lender is easier because the lender does not need to repeat the approval process again. The lender doesn’t have to have you fill out a second application or verify your income.

Many lenders use a computerized system which contains all of your information. Once your data is on file these lenders can issue a second payday loan almost any time.

Beware of Second Personal Loans

It is almost too easy for most borrowers to get a second personal loan from the same lenders. Personal loan lenders want to get you hooked on personal loans because of the high profit they make from them.

Second personal loans are even more profitable because the lender has less work to do and fewer costs. In many cases a lender can approve these loans with the push of a button.

Even though second personal loans are cheaper for the lender they cost the same for you. The lender makes just as much money but has lower expenses on a second personal loan.

Try to Avoid Second Personal Loans

Try not to make getting personal loans a regular habit because it will cost you. The high interest rates and fees charged on personal loans can quickly add up and eat up most of your income.

Every time you take out a payday loan you will probably end up paying $50, $100 or more in interest and fees. This means you should limit your use of payday loans to real emergencies.

Use personal loans only in emergency situations when other sources of money are not available. Don’t use personal loans to pay regular bills or cover day to expenses on a regular basis.

Using Second Personal Loans 

One very habit you should never get into is using a second personal loan to pay off an earlier personal loan. Many people will take out a second payday loan from a different lender to pay off an earlier loan.

This will not solve your problems and end up costing you more money because you will have to pay off the second personal loan sooner or later. A far better solution is to find an alternative source of funds that you won’t have to pay back. Finding a cheaper source of financing can also help you save money.

Only get a second personal loan when you have no alternative and you know that you will have the funds to pay the second personal loan off.