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The government makes a wide variety of personal loans available to private individuals. Government personal loans are often easier to get and come with lower interest rates.

The most common government personal loans are small business and student loans. Small business loans are loans made directly to private individuals who want to start a business. Student loans pay for the education of citizens.

There are other government loans available including home loans, loans to veterans and other kinds of loans. Some local and state governments make loans available to individuals as well. These loans are often specialized and only available to residents.

Government Personal Loans and Grants

Anybody who is interested in government personal loans should understand the difference between government loans and grants. A loan will have to be repaid with interest while a grant is a direct payment of money to a person from the government.

Obviously a grant is better than a loan because it doesn’t have to be repaid. There are number of government grants available to individuals including grants for business and students. The most poplar of these is the Pell Grant which is a direct cash payment to students.

How to Find a Government Personal Loan

The best place to find a government personal loan is on government websites. Those interested in small business loans should go to the Small Business Association’s (SBA) website or which can help you get a small business loan.

To find student loans a person should type the words student loan into a search engine. This should connect you to a number of websites that offer these loans. Your school’s financial aid office can also help you find a student loan from the government.

Other government loans can be located by visiting the website of the specific government agency you want a loan from. To locate the websites simply type the name of the agency into the search engine.

One “resource” that persons seeking a government personal loan should avoid is avoid is books or guides to government loans and grants. Most of these books are scams because they charge you for information that is available free on a search engine.

Other Government Personal Loans

Contacting government agencies directly can help you learn what other government personal loans are available in your area. Many governments will make low interest loans available to low income people who want to modernize their homes or improve their properties. Other governments have loans for those who want to start a new business or expand an existing business.

The way to locate these loans is to locate the specific government agency that is issuing them. Housing agencies offer a variety of loans to individuals who want to modernize or improve homes. Economic development agencies often loan money to business and property owners or persons who want to start or expand businesses.