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Your credit score shouldn’t affect your ability to get a personal loan. Many lenders are usually very willing to lend money to people with no credit or bad credit.

The reason that people with bad credit or no credit can often get a personal loan is obvious. A personal loan is based is on the amount of the money the borrower has or can lay their hand’s on. This means that the amount of cash a person can borrow through a personal loan is based on their income not their credit worthiness.

Personal loan lenders offset the risk of lending to people with bad credit by charging high interest rates. Lenders further reduce their risks by making the length of the loan very short usually a few weeks. This means that a borrower has to pay the loan back with interest in just a few weeks or a month. Many personal loan lenders will charge a fee to renew the cash loan in order to make more off of it.

Personal Loans and Credit

A person with no credit or a history of bad credit shouldn’t have any trouble getting a personal loan if they can prove they have the income to pay it off. Instead of credit histories cash lenders verify the income of the borrowers.

A borrower will have to prove that they have money available to pay the loan off or a steady source of income such as a job. Instead of your credit history, cash loan lenders will want to look at bank statements, pay stubs and other documents that indicate your actual income.

Personal loan lenders are often called hard money lenders because they lend hard money to people with hard money. Many people turn to cash loan lenders and hard money lenders because they are easier to work with than traditional banks.

Credit Rates and Personal Loans

Your credit history can still affect your ability to get a personal loan and the amount you’ll pay for the cash loan. Many personal loan lenders will give better interest rates to those with good credit ratings.

Some online lenders can give those with good credit a much lower interest rate. Online lenders may also give those with good credit ratings more credit.

Many lenders will not work with those who have really bad credit. Borrowers who have exhausted all the traditional sources of credit such as home equity and credit cards may still be able to get personal loans. Lenders will make personal loans to such individuals because they expect to be paid back in cash.

Bad Credit Scores and Personal Loans

A person’s credit is the amount of money that they can borrow. When a person has bad credit it is usually means that they have used up all the credit that they have available to them - for example an individual who has maxed out his credit cards.

Such a person will still be able to get personal loans but the amount of credit available from personal loans will be significantly lower than the amount of credit they qualified for. The reason for this is obvious: the amount a person can borrow in a personal loan is based on their ability to pay the loan back in cash.

Cash loans are no substitute for credit. A person should exhaust all other possible sources of credit before turning to a personal loan.