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Government Home Mortgage Refinance

Many homeowners are stuck with mortgage interest rates and terms they don’t want but can’t refinance.

A lot of these people have heard about government mortgage refinance programs but don’t know how to apply for them. Most homeowners are unfamiliar with these programs because they are unfamiliar with the mortgage industry or the government programs related to it.

The government wants people to refinance their mortgages to lower rates in order to help families keep their homes. The government has also put money aside for these programs but the laws and policies affecting these programs are constantly changing.


The Federal Housing Administration, popularly known as the FHA, is the main government organization for housing policy in the United States. The FHA has a number of programs to help homeowners find mortgage refinancing.

The FHA is one of the largest issuers of mortgages in the United States today. It specializes in providing mortgages and refinancing to lower income families. The best place to start in a quest to get FHA refinancing is to visit the FHA’s website, The FHA doesn’t provide the actual mortgages it underwrites mortgages provided by traditional lenders.

This site can help people get into contact with FHA approved lenders in their areas who issue FHA mortgages. It is also a good source of general information about refinancing.

How to get government refinancing

The best way for an average person to get government refinancing for their mortgage is to contact an FHA-approved mortgage provided. Such providers should be knowledgeable about the various government programs for mortgage refinancing.

It is probably best to work with a local provider who specializes on mortgages in your area because such a mortgage professional maybe aware of local and state refinancing programs in addition to the FHA. Many state governments and some local governments have refinancing programs and mortgage money available. A mortgage professional in your area should be able to tell you about these programs.

A good way to locate a mortgage professional in your area is through the FHA which maintains a list of such professionals. It might also pay to check out a mortgage provider or professional you plan to use with your local Better Business Bureau. The BBB collects lists of complaints about professionals, it maybe able to tell you if anybody has complained about that provider

Beware of scams

There are quite a few scams out there that claim to be able to get people government home mortgage refinance. This means that anyone seeking such refinance needs to leery of any “expert” who claims to be able to get such refinance for home owners.

If any sort of mortgage professional asks for a fee or tries to sell you a kit or method designed to get refinancing don’t pay them a cent. Chances are the kit or special information they’re selling is nothing but data from a website you can get for free repackaged. As for the fees, well there’s a strong possibility that you’ll never see the professional or the fee again after you’ve paid them.

Check out any offer of refinancing or any professional who claims to be providing refinancing by going to the FHA’s website, or the Better Business Bureau. A Google or Yahoo search can also yield data about such a person. Never sign up for mortgage refinance or give your money or information to a mortgage expert until you’ve done your homework.