Christian Mortgage Lenders

There is no such thing as a Christian mortgage lender or Christian mortgage provider.

Yes, there are a lot of mortgage companies and professional that claim to be Christian. This does not change the products and services that these companies offer. There is usually no difference between other mortgage lenders and Christian mortgage lenders.

Indeed there is no guarantee that the self proclaimed Christian mortgage lenders are actually Christians. Anybody can put an advertisement in the phone book or a website saying that they are “Christian.”

Many businesses use the term Christian as an advertising ploy to attract business from people of faith. Not all of those businesses are operated by Christians or do business in a Christian manner.

Scams Targeting Religious Groups

There are many con artists who target members of specific religious or ethnic groups. These criminals claim to be people of faith such as Christians and target persons such as fellow church goers.

Such scam artists take advantage of the trust people have for fellow believers. They use this to talk individuals into making business deals or investments they normally wouldn’t. Then once they have the persons’ trust they rip them off.

Believers should always be skeptical of individuals who use their faith to promote their business because of this racket.

Always Examine Mortgage Brokers Carefully

Never give a mortgage professional your business just because they claim to be Christian. A mortgage professional will be in a position to affect your financial future and your credit rating. They will have access to your money, your financial information and your real estate.

This means you should carefully examine a mortgage professional before you do business with them even if they claim to be Christian. Try and get references about the professional from past customers and check them out with the Better Business Bureau. A real Christian should be happy to go along with such enquiries.

Christian businesses should be held to the same standards as other businesses or higher standards. If they are not unscrupulous individuals will be in a position to give all Christians a bad name.

Locating a Mortgage Lender

There is no difference between the products most mortgage lenders offer. The only difference between mortgage offers is usually the terms and interest on the various products offered.

The way to evaluate mortgage lenders is to look at the deals offered and to choose the best one for you. That may mean working with someone who is not a Christian.

Never sacrifice your family’s financial future just for the sake of working with a self proclaimed Christian. Instead find somebody who is honest and is willing to work hard on your behalf.