Mortgage Brokers Association

There are several organizations that represent mortgage brokers’ interests in the United States and Canada. The most prominent of these mortgage brokers’ associations in North America is the National Association of Mortgage Brokers or NAMB.

This organization represents mortgage brokers nationwide and mortgage brokers’ associations in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The main purpose of this organization is to protect mortgage brokers’ interests by lobbying the Congress and state legislatures for legislation favorable to mortgage brokers.

This mortgage brokers association works to promote professionalism and high standards in the mortgage brokerage industry. It does this through a wide variety of educational programs and efforts. It also conducts certification for mortgage brokers in an effort to self regulate the industry.

NAMB Certification Efforts

One of NAMB’s major efforts is to certify all mortgage brokers so they live up to the organization’s standards of professionalism. NAMB has three levels of certification for mortgage brokers including GMA, CRMS and CMC.

The mortgage brokers’ association conducts exams brokers who pass the exams receive the certification. The idea behind the exams and certification is to make sure that mortgage brokers meet or exceed industry standards.

The exams and certification offered by NAMB are not official and should not be confused with state licensing for mortgage brokers. These exams and certification are purely voluntary and carry no official legal recognition. In most states a mortgage broker will still have to have a license in addition to this certification.

Those interested in getting this certification should check out the NAMB website which contains full details. Consumers looking for mortgage brokers who meet or exceed the NAMB standards can locate a list of NAMB brokers at

Home Buyer Complaints and Mortgage Brokers Associations

Consumers who have a complaint about a mortgage broker should contact their state mortgage brokers associations. These organizations do make some efforts to regulate the mortgage industry.

Consumers can also complain to their state regulatory agency. NAMB maintains a list of links to state regulators on the homebuyers’ section of its website. The state regulatory agencies have the power to take legal action against crooked mortgage brokers.

Lending Integrity Seal of Approval

NAMB and the state mortgage brokers’ associations have been working to encourage ethical behavior and high standards among mortgage brokers with a program called the Lending Seal of Approval.

Consumers can look for the Lending Integrity Seal of Approval which signifies that a broker or other mortgage professional meets or exceeds NAMB’s standards. This symbol and should be displayed in the offices of reputable mortgage brokers and at reputable mortgage websites. It’s a good idea to avoid mortgage professionals that don’t display this seal.

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