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Vacation Home Mortgage

There are a number of things that the average person can do in order to afford a vacation home mortgage. Many average people can afford to purchase and enjoy a vacation home if they know to take out a mortgage in the proper way.

The main thing average people should remember about a vacation home mortgage is that it will cost more than a mortgage on your principal home. The laws and tax benefits that decrease the cost of a primary home don’t apply to vacation homes.

This is so because vacation homes are considered investments and not homes in the eyes of the law and tax authorities. Mortgages on investment property will always cost more than mortgages on primary homes.

List Your Vacation Home as a Primary Home

One way to save money on your vacation home is to list it as your primary home for mortgage purposes. You can do this by renting your primary home and taking out a mortgage to purchase your vacation home.

That way you could get all of the tax benefits available to homeowners for your vacation home. For example you could get the mortgage interest tax deduction on your second home. You could also get the tax credit for purchasing a new home when you buy your vacation house.

Use Your Vacation Home as a Rental

Another way to cover the costs of your vacation home is to use it as a rental. Renting your vacation home out when you are not there could pay for your vacation home.

There are also some pretty good tax benefits that come with rental property. You can use all of the expenses you incur on a rental property as income tax deductions. This means your vacation home could become a pretty good tax write off.

The key to doing this would be to rent your vacation home out at a rate that will cover the mortgage payments. The cost of administering and overseeing the rental should be figured into the cost of the rent when you do this.

Other Vacation Home Considerations

There are some other factors you need to take into consideration when looking into a vacation home mortgage. You should consider how much you plan to use the vacation home, if you are only planning to use it for a couple of weeks out of the year a mortgage makes no sense. If you plan to spend a lot of time there a mortgage might make some sense.

You should also consider the potential of resale when looking into a second home. If you can’t resale the vacation home quickly you maybe stuck with a house you don’t use or want.

Finally, you should remember this when you takeout a second home mortgage, you will be making two mortgage payments every month. You should ask yourself if you have the ability to make two mortgages payment every month. If you can’t do this you probably should not take out a vacation home mortgage.