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Taking out a mortgage to purchase a new home is no different than getting a mortgage for an existing home.

The average person shouldn’t notice any difference between a mortgage on a new home and a mortgage on an existing home. The process is basically the same and so are the terms and the interest rates.

Mortgage companies don’t see any difference between a new home and an existing home. Instead they base a mortgage on the amount of money borrowed, the interest rate and the risk they take in giving someone a mortgage. The mortgage on a new home looks like that on existing homes.

How to Save Money on a New Home Mortgage 

One thing that persons who are purchasing a new home need to release is that they are not forced to use one particular mortgage provider. You are free to shop around and examine offers from other mortgage providers.

There is no reason you have to use the mortgage provider that the home builder recommends. You can and should be able to go out and get your own mortgage. This means you are free to look for a lower interest rate and better terms on a mortgage.

The homebuilder is in business to make money, they may usually work with one mortgage provider but they’ll probably accept another one. There is no reason to let a homebuilder force you into using one particular mortgage provider.

Shop for a Mortgage before Buying the Home

When you decide on the home you want to buy you should start shopping for a mortgage. This means you should go online and see what interest rates and mortgage terms are available to you.

Most mortgage providers’ websites have mortgage calculator features that will tell you what they would charge you for a mortgage on house. All you’ll need to know to use these mortgage calculators is the price of the home. You can then type in the terms, the interest rate, the home price and the location of the home.

Once you know what interest rates and terms are available you should be able to negotiate for the best deal on a new home mortgage you can get.

Don’t be Afraid to Negotiate

Knowing the interest rate and terms you can get can enable you to negotiate with the mortgage provider or homebuilder for better deal. You can tell if the interest rate and terms the provider is offering match other deals in the market.

If the deal they’re offering doesn’t sound good to you, don’t be afraid to ask for another deal. If the interest rate sounds too high ask for a lower interest rate. Do the same for terms and other offers.

In particular you should not accept an adjustable rate mortgage or other mortgage with stringent terms. Always demand a fixed rate mortgage,  that is a mortgage in which the interest rate is locked in for the life of the mortgage.

Always get the best deal you can on a new home mortgage.