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Going online is the best way for the average person to find a home mortgage. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of mortgage companies that do business over the web.

The way to start your hunt for a mortgage is to type the words home mortgage into your search engine. This should pull up dozens of websites from dozens of different mortgage providers.

You’ll then be able to examine and evaluate dozens of mortgage offers and mortgage providers. The mortgage websites are usually easy to use and easy to understand.

Advantages to Online Mortgage Search

There are many advantages to conducting an online mortgage search. Perhaps the best advantage is the fact that you can take your time. You can spend as much time as you need evaluating mortgage offers and making your decision.

Another big advantage to going online is that no sales person or broker is pressuring you to take out a mortgage. When you go to a traditional mortgage company you have to deal with people who make their living on commissions on mortgages they sell. These people have every incentive to push a mortgage on you even if you don’t want one.

When you are online you also have the opportunity to compare mortgages from many different companies. This means that you don’t have to settle on the one or two alternatives a mortgage broker is trying to push on you.

Online Mortgage Research

One of the best advantages to looking for a mortgage online is that you can do extensive research on mortgages. This means that a person can quickly check out a mortgage provider or its products without spending any money.

Typing a mortgage company’s name into a search engine can produce a great deal of information about that business. One piece of information is to pay close attention to is complaints about the mortgage provider. Reading a few complaints posted online can alert you to fraudulent mortgage companies and mortgage companies with a history of doing a bad job. 

Another kind of information to pay attention to is news items, regulators and law enforcement agencies often put out press releases when they take action against a mortgage company. Look for news items about law suits and criminal prosecutions taken against mortgage providers. If you see such news reports, that’s a sign that the mortgage provider is engaged in questionable or illegal practices.

The Better Business Bureau and government agencies that regulate mortgage lenders also maintain websites where they post information about mortgage providers. These websites sometimes contain lists of providers that they’ve received complaints about.

Compare Online Offers

Always compare online mortgage offers to make sure that you are getting the best deal. The first thing to compare is the interest rate. Make sure the interest rate you’re being offered matches those from other mortgage providers.

Also compare the mortgage terms to those offered by other providers. Always get suspicious of mortgage offers that are substantially different from industry norms.