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Line of Credit
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It can be hard for businesses and individuals to get lines of credit. Operating a business without access to lines of credit can be difficult and even impossible.

Fortunately there are a number of things that a business can do to get an easy line of credit. Taking these steps can ensure sufficient credit to cover business expenses, survive emergency situations and finance expansions.

Making sure that an easy line of credit is available is one of the first steps that every entrepreneur should take when they set up a new business. Having sufficient credit often marks the difference between bankruptcy and survival for a startup business.

Have a Good Credit Rating

Persons and businesses with good credit ratings will always have an easier time getting lines of credit. Those with good credit ratings will be able to get higher lines of credit at lower interest rates.

This means that everyone should try to maintain a good credit rating by paying their bills on time, avoiding excessive debt and using credit carefully. It is also a good idea to monitor your credit report and to make sure that there is no negative information on it.

Order a copy of your credit report every few months and look over it closely. If you see information on it that you know is false or inaccurate you can have that data removed which can raise your credit rating.

For those with bad credit one method of getting a line of credit would be to put the business in the name of a person who has a good rating. That might enable you to get a higher line of credit at a lower interest rate.

Take Advantage of Equity

Another good way to get an easy line of credit is to take advantage of the equity in your home or other real estate. Since equity lines of credit are based on the value of real estate or other possessions they may not be affected by your income or credit rating.

Opening an equity line of credit on your home or other real estate is a good idea when you start a business. This will give you a line of credit you can use but won’t increase your mortgage liability or payments unless you actually use it.

A big advantage to a home or real estate equity line of credit is that you will only have to pay it back if you use it. That means you may not have another mortgage to pay off if the business fails.

Other Steps to Get an Easy Line of Credit

Another way to make it easy to get a line of credit is to do a lot of business with a bank or other financial institution. Many banks will make a line of credit available to businesses that run a lot of cash through their accounts. The more cash flow you demonstrate the easier it will be to get a line of credit.

Even if the bank doesn’t give you a line of credit you can use the bank records to demonstrate that you have the cash flow to other lenders. There are numerous online lenders that make lines of credit available to businesses. These lenders are always looking for businesses with verifiable cash flow or income to loan money to. A bank statement that indicates high cash flow can get you how an easy line of credit.