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Quick cash advances are a great resource for people with bad credit but need money fast in an emergency situation.

A quick cash advance is a loan in which the lender makes a quick decision and immediately pays the borrower in cash. Traditionally quick cash advances were made in check cashing and pawnshops but the best place to get quick cash advances today is online. Going online will give a person access to a wide variety of instant loan options that will help them find emergency cash.

People with bad credit are able to get quick cash advances because instant lenders base their loan decisions on a person’s income rather than their credit scores. A credit score or credit history is simply an indication of how well a person has been at paying off debts. Income is not taken into consideration when a credit score is formulated.

How to find quick cash advances

The way to find quick cash advances online is to simply type the words quick cash advance into a search engine. You will probably by the number of lenders that come up and the variety of products that they offer. Once you’ve gotten a list of lenders, shop around and try to read the fine print on all the loan offers that you check out. Try and get the lowest interest rate and best terms that you can find on the quick cash advance.

One thing to keep in mind is that not every quick cash advance is offered in every state. Different states have different laws regulating quick cash advance so not every loan product is available in every state. Make sure the loan you want is offered in your area before applying for it.

Requirements for online quick cash advances

The main requirement you’ll face when applying for a quick cash advance is income. The lender wants to make sure that you have the money to pay off the loan available. Online lenders will usually require that you present proof of income such as a pay stub, a letter from your employer or your bank statement before approving an advance.

The other requirement will probably be a bank account usually a checking account. The lender needs you to have an account because they will deposit the money you borrow into the account electronically. The advantage to this process is that you can get the money quickly usually within 24 hours. The lender will probably require you to sign an agreement to allow them to take the repayment amount out of your bank electronically.

Some other considerations to quick cash advances

There are some drawbacks to instant loans including high interest rates and strict terms. Most lenders will require the borrower to pay back the quick cash advance quickly, usually within a few days or weeks.

They will also charge very high interest rates often 20% or 30% so paying off the loan fast is a good idea. Another potential drawback to instant loans is that quick cash advance lenders often charge a fee to extend the loan repayment period.

This fee can be as much as $100 every time the quick cash advance is extended. Such fees can add up fast and easily double or triple the cost of a quick cash advance.