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Payday loans can be a fast and convenient source of emergency financing but they can also cause many problems for borrowers.

Every borrower should be aware of payday loan problems and potential problems before taking out a payday loan. Knowing about payday loan problems can help a borrower save money and avoid a lot of grief.

The best way to avoid payday loan problems is to learn how the payday loan process works. Many payday lenders count on the ignorance of borrowers so they can charge them more money. Informed borrowers should be able to avoid payday loan problems.

The High Cost of a Payday Loan

The biggest problem most people face with a payday loan is the high cost. In many cases a payday loan ends up costing much more than the borrower initially expected.

The main reason payday loans cost so much is because of the high interest rate. The lenders charge a high interest rate to offset the risk of making payday loans to people with bad credit and low incomes. Many payday loans come with an interest rate of 25% or 20% this adds $25 or $30 to every $100 borrowed and quickly add up. The interest comes due when the loan is due.

Quite a few payday loans have to be renewed if the borrower can’t pay them off in time. This means the lender can charge the interest again. If that wasn’t bad enough, the lender can also charge a renewal fee of $50 or more when the loan is renewed.

The high cost of a payday loan can be avoided by paying it off quickly. The longer a loan remains unpaid the more interest the lender will charge and the more it will cost.

Payday Loans and Bank Accounts

Many payday lenders like to electronically the funds borrowed right into borrowers’ bank accounts. This saves money and reduces costs but it can create payday loan problems.

In many payday loans the lender takes the loan repayment amount right out of the bank account electronically. This can create a problem because it can exhaust the funds in the account and cause it to become overdrawn. When a bank account is overdrawn the bank may start charging overdraft fees on the account which can quickly add up to several hundred dollars.

Making sure the money to repay the loan is available in the account when repayment is scheduled can help a borrower avoid this problem. A good way to avoid this problem is to check your bank account everyday online to make sure the money is available there.

Many lenders will cancel the repayment or reschedule it for another day if the borrower asks. A little caution can help a borrower avoid overdrafts.

Avoiding Payday Loan Problems

The best way to avoid payday loan problems is to read the payday loan agreement carefully. Many lenders hide fees in the agreement’s fine print. Reading the agreement carefully can help you spot hidden fees and other clauses that can cost you money.

Remember a payday loan agreement is a legal contract when you sign it you obligate yourself to repay the loan. You also obligate yourself to following the terms of the agreement. Any problems with the agreement will become your problem the minute you sign it.

Understanding the agreement can help you avoid payday problems and reduce your costs. Always ask the lender about any part of the payment day loan agreement you don’t like or understand. Knowing what you are signing is the best way to avoid payday loan problems.