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There are many excellent payday loan alternatives out there. Unfortunately many people don’t take advantage of these alternatives and end up paying payday lenders hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees they didn’t have to pay in the first place.

Nobody should get a payday loan until they have looked into payday loan alternatives. It makes no sense to pay high interest rates and big fees on a payday loan when other sources of money are available.

Government Benefits

There are many government benefits available to unemployed and low income American citizens. Unfortunately many people are unfamiliar with these benefits and some people fear the stigma of getting welfare.

Government benefits are a good deal because you usually don’t have to pay them back. It can take quite a bit of time and effort to determine what benefits available. It can also take time and a lot of hassle to apply for government benefits.

Fortunately most government benefits can be applied for over the internet so a trip to a government office is unnecessary. Another advantage is that government benefits are paid directly into your back account so you don’t have the hassle of using a check. Some government benefits are also paid via debit cards similar to credit cards.

Unemployment Benefits

One benefit that most Americans should be able to take advantage of is unemployment insurance. If you have been working you have probably been paying into an unemployment insurance fund.

A person should apply for unemployment insurance the minute they become unemployed. The best way to do this is to go to your state government’s website. This should contain a link to your state’s unemployment insurance program. The website should tell you how much unemployment insurance you have available and how to take advantage of it.

Once you’ve signed up for unemployment insurance you’ll have to keep applying every two weeks or so. The application process should be simple but there can be problems.

One thing to keep in mind if you can’t get a response from the unemployment insurance program contact the member of the state legislature that represents your district. The state legislators are the bosses of the state employees and they can make state employees respond to your concerns.

Other Government Benefits

There are other government benefits that you can use as payday loan alternatives. These include Social Security, food stamps and other programs.

A person who is unable to work because of disability or illness, could be eligible for Social Security payments. You can learn more about Social Security at If Social Security turns you down for payments there are attorneys who specialize in helping people get disability payments from Social Security.

Other government benefits that might be available are food stamps, subsidized housing and health insurance programs such as Medicaid and S-Chip. Visiting state and federal government websites can show you what benefits you might be able to get.