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The term 90 day cash loan refers to one of the most common sets of terms applied to all manner of loans.

The idea behind a 90 day cash loan is simple: the borrower has ninety business days to pay the loan back. The loan is due at the end of the period of ninety days with interest.

The loan expires at the end of the ninety days so the borrower will have to pay it off or take out a new loan. Many cash lenders will charge a fee to open a new loan - the fee will be added to the principal of the loan. Some lenders will give borrowers who pay back the loan early a break.

In some parts of the country the 90 loan payback period is mandated by law. Ninety days is the customary amount of time pawn brokers will hold an item in hock for a loan.

Things to Remember about a Ninety Day Cash Loan

The first thing that a borrower should remember about a 90 day cash loan is that they will probably have more than 90 days to pay back the loan. The 90 days are ninety business days, business days are counted as the five days of the week, weekends and holidays are not counted. This means that a person will actually have a few more days to pay back the loan.

The next thing to remember is that this arrangement is a cash loan so it has to be paid back within the ninety days to avoid excessive fees or interest rates. If a person has any doubts about whether they can pay the loan back in 90 days they shouldn’t get such a loan.

Finally, the borrower should remember that they can pay back the loan at anytime during the 90 days. Many lenders will give a borrower a break if they pay back the loan early.

How a 90 Day Cash Loan Works

A 90 day cash loan is a simple and very kind of loan. The lender advances the borrower, a set amount of cash. The borrower then has to pay the loan back in ninety days with interest.

The advantage to a 90 day cash loan is that it is quick and easy to get. Many cash lenders will advance such a loan without a credit check because they expect repayment.

The disadvantage is that the interest on such loans will be much higher than the interest on credit cards and equity loans. Another disadvantage is that the borrower will have to pay the loan back or take out another loan in ninety days.

Other Cash Loans

A borrower should look for a cash loan that has terms of longer than ninety days even if they plan to pay the loan back in ninety days. This way the borrower doesn’t have to worry about an unforeseen emergency that prevents them from paying off the loan.

A better arrangement that a borrower should try to set up is a line of credit. A line of credit is an agreement that lets a borrower take out up to a certain amount of credit. With a line of credit the borrower can decide how much credit they can use.

Another advantage to a line of credit is that it will be available beyond the ninety days. That way the borrower will be able to get money if they need it in the future.