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Another name for a payday loan you might see when looking for payday loan online is a payday advance.

A payday advance loan online is simply an advance of money that a borrower is supposed to pay off with their next paycheck. This another term for payday loan that is often called a cash advance. The term cash advance is somewhat misleading because the funds are usually advanced to a borrower electronically.

Payday advance loans online are often a better deal for the average person than loans from payday lending outlets because they are usually cheaper and easier to get. Payday advance loans online are cheaper because they often come with a lower interest rate.

How to Find a Payday Advance Loan Online

Finding payday advance loans online is easy because there are lots of lenders making such loans. To locate several lenders simply type the term payday advance loans online into a search engine.

The search engine should produce a long list of lenders that make such loans available online. Once you get the list look through it until you get the best deal possible.

What to Look For in Payday Advance Loans Online

The main thing to look for in a payday advance loan online is the lowest interest rate possible. The interest rate determines the cost of the loan to you. The lower the interest rate the cheaper the loan.
The interest rates on payday advance loans online will always be high but you should able to find one quite a bit cheaper than the storefront lenders in your area.

Once you’ve found the best interest rate read the loan offer carefully. Make sure there are no added fees or extra costs that the lender will tack on. An example of this would be a $50 or $100 fee for renewing the loan.

Also make sure that the lender operates in your area. Since the laws regulating payday lending are different in different states not all lenders operate in all states. 

Drawbacks to Payday Advance Loans Online

The biggest disadvantage to payday advance loans online is that these loans use electronic funds transfer to deposit the money directly into a bank account. This can enable you to get the funds instantly but it enables the lender to take loan repayment out instantly.

Since the lender takes the loan repayment out of your account it can overdraw your bank account if the funds are not available. If your bank account is overdrawn the bank can hit you with high overdraft fees that can cost you a fortune. Always be careful about scheduling a loan repayment and make sure the money is in your account. 

Only take advantage of payday advance loans online if you know that you will have the funds available to pay them off in your account. If you won’t have the funds available don’t get such a loan.