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The best way to save money on payday loans is to compare payday loans. Comparing different payday loan offers can save a borrower hundreds of dollars on interest and fees.

The way to compare payday loans is to read the paperwork that comes with the loans including the fine print. Look for the interest rate and extra charges and fees that the lender is tacking on. Try to find lenders that list all the fees and interest upfront and avoid lenders that add hidden fees and charges.

To compare payday loans you should take your time when searching for a payday loan. This means you should take several days and compare several different payday loan offers before taking one.

Compare Payday Loans Online

The best way to compare payday loans is to go online. Going online can give a borrower access to hundreds of different loan offers.

Examining loan offers online gives a borrower a chance to read the offers. A borrower will also be able to make a decision about a loan offer without having lender employees pressuring them to take out the loan.

Typing the words compare payday loans into a search engine can help a person locate dozens of payday lenders. Many online payday lenders will give a person a better deal and lower rates than storefront lenders.

How to Compare Payday Loans

The main thing a person should look at when comparing payday loans is the interest rate. The interest will have to be paid back with the principal or amount borrowed when the loan comes due.

The lower the interest rate the less you will have to pay back. An interest rate that is just a few points lower can save a borrower hundreds of dollars.

The next thing a borrower should examine is the fees. Many payday lenders will charge a fee for taking out the loan and a fee for renewing the loan if the borrower can’t pay it off. Look for payday loans that charge no fees they will usually cost less.

Finally, a person should get a loan that gives a borrower a long period to pay it off. This gives a borrower more flexibility and can help if money isn’t available to pay off the loan. Generally a thirty or ninety loan will be a better deal than a two week payday loan.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Never be afraid to ask a lender questions when shopping for a payday loan. You won’t be able to compare payday loans if you don’t have complete information about them.

If you don’t understand something in the payday loan description or paperwork or don’t see information you want ask the lender for it. The lender should be able to answer your question. If the lender can’t or won’t answer your questions find another lender.

Listen carefully to the answers the lender gives you. If you don’t believe the answers or think they are lying to you find another lender.

When you compare payday loans you should be able to avoid getting ripped off by payday lenders. You should also be able to pay a lot less for your payday loan.