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The best way to save money on a payday loan is to get the cheapest payday loan that you can. Unfortunately finding a cheap payday loan can be difficult because most payday loans come with high interest rates and fees that often increase the price of the loan by 25% or more.

The way to make sure that you are getting a cheap payday loan is to take a look at the interest rate and fees charged on the loan. These will have to be paid when you pay the loan off.

A good way to ensure that you are getting a cheap payday loan is to get out your calculator and use it to compute how much you will be paying in interest. Don’t believe what the lender says figure it out yourself. Doing a little basic math before opening a loan can show you what will really pay.

Shop Around for a Cheap Payday Loan

A payday loan is like anything else if you want good deal on one you will have to shop around. Visit several different lenders before taking out a loan.

Shopping around can show what local lenders are charging for payday loans and help you determine what you should pay. A good strategy for getting a cheap payday loan is to read the fine print on the loans, figure out what the fees are and calculate your payment. This can help you see what lenders really charge.

Once you know what the lenders are charging you should be able to find the cheapest payday loan available. Taking a close look at payday loan offers will also teach you about payday lending and help you save money.

Go Online for a Cheap Payday Loan

Most people will find that online payday loans are cheaper and often easier to get than the ones from storefront lenders.

Online lenders usually charge lower interest rates and fewer fees than lenders with a physical location in area. One reason why online lenders are cheaper is that they have lower costs they can pass onto you.

Many online lenders specialize in making payday loans to middle class people and those with good jobs. Payday loans to such people are usually cheaper than payday loans to lower income people. The average person should have no problem finding a cheap payday loan online.

To get most online payday loans you will have to have a bank account. Online payday lenders need you to have a bank account so they can pay you electronically and collect the payment electronic. A big advantage to online payday loans is that the money borrowed can be available almost instantly in your bank account.

Other Places to Find a Cheap Payday Loan 

Independent lenders such as locally owned pawn and check cashing stores maybe able to get you a better deal on a payday loan than chain lenders. Most of the chain lenders have corporate policies they have to follow, independent lenders maybe able to waive their policies for individual borrowers.

Always be willing to ask an independent lender or online lender if you can get a better deal on a payday loan. Such a lender might be willing to charge a good customer with a proven track record of backing loans a lower interest rate, waive fees or give them more time to pay the loan off. Lenders may also give a person with a good job or money in the bank a better deal.

Remember it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can get a better deal that can lead to a cheaper payday loan.