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The fast cash business today looks nothing like it did just a few years ago. Technological advances enable today’s fast cash lenders to offer the same services as banks and other traditional financial institutions.

A person with bad credit who can’t get a bank account can wire money, make electronic bill payments, cash pay checks, get a money order, save money or get a preloaded debit card at a modern fast cash outlet. A person with a bank account can get a fast cash loan and use it to start paying bills without even leaving their home by taking advantage of online fast cash loans.

The fast cash industry today is now as advanced, or more advanced than the banking industry. Many of today’s fast cash lenders are little different from banks.

Fast Cash Businesses Today

The world of fast cash today is nothing like it was just fifteen or twenty years ago. The seedy, linoleum floored check cashing store in a bad neighborhood has been replaced by a clean, modern, comfortable and airy space similar to a bank.

The handing out of cash has been replaced by electronic funds transfers, money orders are giving way to electronic bill pay and many fast cash stores are offering most banking services. Instead of cash a person can get their funds in the form of a prepaid debit card they can use much like a credit card. Many borrowers can get their money deposited directly into their bank accounts via funds transfer.

For those who prefer cash, fast cash businesses still make cash and money orders available to customers. They also still cash paychecks much as they always have done.

One big difference in fast cash today is that a person’s information is stored in the business’s computer. This enables the lender’s employees to instantly approve loans and cash checks quickly.

The Fast Cash Industry Today

Another big difference with fast cash today is that the business is becomingly increasingly corporate and centralized. The mom and pop storefront operations have been replaced by big companies like Ace Cash Express, Money Tree and Check into Cash which operate nationwide.

These companies operate chains of stores and elaborate websites to attract customers. Like other nationwide businesses they run advertisements to attract customers. Unlike traditional cash lenders these businesses pride themselves on customer service and treating borrowers in an ethical way. Many borrowers will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly employees and fast service provided by some of these outlets.

Some of the fast cash stores today are franchise operations which are owned by local entrepreneurs. Others like ACE Cash Express are operated by large publicly traded corporations that offer stock.

Fast Cash Tomorrow 

The future of fast cash will be increasingly computerized and automated and run by big corporations. Citicorp (a large corporate bank) has already placed ATMs in some Seven Eleven stores that offer loans, check cashing, electronic bill pay and other fast cash services to the public.

Fast cash today has become such a profitable business that giant corporations like Wal-Mart are moving into it. Wal-Mart now cashes most checks for $3 and offers many financial services to its customers. In the future supermarkets, drugstores, banks and other businesses will move into Fast Cash. This means that people will soon be able to get Fast Cash services anywhere including online and at the corner ATM.