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The most common kind of fast cash loan is a fast cash payday loan. This is one of the simplest and easiest loans for a person to get.

The way a fast cash payday loan works is simple: the lender advances the borrower an amount of cash that the borrower. In exchange the borrower agrees to repay the loan with interest on their next payday.

To get a fast cash payday loan a person will have to have a steady job or similar source of income such as a pension or government benefit coming in. Most fast cash lenders will demand proof of this income in the form of pay stubs or bank statements.

Where to Find Fast Cash Payday Loans

These advances are called fast cash payday loans because traditionally a lender would give a person a cash loan they had to pay back on their next payday. The term fast cash comes from the fact that these lenders traditionally paid out cash to people without bank accounts.

Today many fast cash lenders directly deposit the funds into a borrower’s bank account. Many of these lenders take advantage of computerized banking to schedule an automatic loan repayment right after the borrower’s payday.

Most of the check cashing stores found in most cities will make fast cash payday loans. Many pawn shops, some banks and some retailers will also make these loans. Many online lenders will make fast cash loans to persons who have bank accounts.

Modern Fast Cash Payday Loans

Many people get fast cash payday loans because they are source of quick cash. Today, some payday lenders will provide a borrower with a debit card that they can use to make purchases with.

Others may give borrowers a line of credit based on their salary and payday. The line of credit is an open ended loan that will be automatically paid off every payday.

Fast cash lenders also make other financial services such as money orders, electronic bill pay and wire transfers available to their customers. This enables people to pay their bills and make rent and mortgage payments.

Limit Fast Cash Payday Loans

Although they are very convenient and easy to get fast cash payday loans can be very expensive. Many lenders charge high interest rates on these loans which can quickly increase the costs. For example a payday loan of $400 with a 25% interest rate would add $100 to the cost of the loan.

If this wasn’t bad enough many payday loans come due very quickly usually on the next payday. If the loan is repaid on the next payday, the borrower will have to renew the loan. Many lenders will charge a fee of $25 or more for renewing fast cash payday loans.

The interest charges and fees on fast cash payday loans can quickly add up and eat up most of a borrower’s paycheck. To avoid this situation a borrower should limit their use of fast cash payday loans to emergency situations.