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One of the reasons why payday loans are so popular is the speed at which they can be approved. A person can walk into a payday lender and get a loan for several hundred dollars in a few minutes.

Payday loans can be approved so quickly because of the high interest rates attached to such loans. The high interest rates reduce the risk a lender takes by making a loan quickly and lending to riskier borrowers such as persons with low incomes.

Online payday loans can be approved even faster because everything is done electronically. The loan is approved electronically and the money is sent to the borrower electronically

How a fast approval payday loan works

The way a fast approval payday loan works is very simple. The lender checks to see if the borrower has the income to pay off the loan and issues the loan if the income can be verified.

One reason why lenders are able to make fast approval payday loans available is that they don’t do credit checks for such loans. Instead of checking a person’s credit, the lender verifies the individual’s income. If the person has the money or the ability to get the money they get the loan.

Many fast approval payday loan lenders use computerized systems that contain records of regular customers. A borrower whose record indicates they have regular income and no unpaid previous loans can usually get a fast approval payday loan.

The high price of a fast approval payday loan

A fast approval payday loan can come with a very high price. Lenders make these loans available because they can charge high interest rates and fees on such loans.

It is typical for lenders to charge 25% or 30% interest on a fast approval payday loan. This means that a borrower could pay $100 in interest on a $400 payday loan. The high interest rates make fast approval payday loans a very profitable business.

Nobody should take out a fast approval payday loan until they have exhausted other sources of money because of the high cost. Checking out the alternatives to fast approval payday loans can save a borrower hundreds of dollars.

Where to find fast approval payday loans

There are many lenders that make fast approval payday loans available to the public. The payday lenders people are most familiar with are the storefront lenders that operate in most cities.

These lenders which offer other financial services such as check cashing and money orders cater to lower income people who lack bank accounts. Storefront lenders can be easy to deal with but they often charge higher interest rates and excessive fees.

Online lenders are usually cheaper and easier to deal with but a person will need access to a computer and a bank account to get one. One advantage to a fast approval payday loan from an online lender is that people don’t have to go to a storefront lender.