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One reason why many people try to avoid online cash loans is that they don’t like faxing in all the forms. Some online lenders still ask borrowers to fax in documents or copies of signed documents.

Those with limited incomes may especially dislike paying $1 or $2 to fax forms to a distant lender. Others may not want their coworkers to see that they are using the office fax machine to apply for a cash loan.

Faxing in forms can delay a loan or make the application process into a very tiresome chore. Fortunately it is possible to apply for a cash loan without using a fax machine.

E-Mail for Cash Loans with No Faxing 

If you have access to a scanner there is a cheaper and much more versatile alternative to faxing available: E-mail. Scanned documents can be sent via e-mail in such formats as Adobe PDFs or Tif files.

A big advantage to e-mail is that it is free. If an e-mail doesn’t go through you can send it again for no cost. Any lender that operates online should have e-mail so you should have no problem e-mail them documents. You may not even need to scan documents if you have electronic banking you might be able to e-mail bank statements and other documents directly to lenders.

E-mail is actually more secure than fax machines. After all it goes straight to the lender’s computer and won’t be sitting out on a fax machine as a paper document that can be easily stolen. Yes, e-mail systems can be hacked but so can any computer. Many lenders fax lines actually send documents straight to computers where they are stored as digital images.

Another advantage to e-mail is that you can store the documents you fax into the lender on your computer. That way you’ll have a copy of what you send in you can easily access and send to the lender if necessary.

Faxing From Your Computer

If you have a computer with an internet connection you have a fax machine. Any computer connected to the internet can send and receive faxes. Most PCs come with fax software that can send faxes over the internet. The fax software should be connected to your printer, when you go to print you should be able to select fax as well as print.

Fax services such as enable anyone to fax over the internet and even provide you with a fax number you can receive faxes on. These services are fairly cheap and easy to use.

If you have a computer and a scanner you can scan any document. Then send the digital image of it from the computer like any other fax.

Cash Loans with No Fax

Anybody should be able to apply for a loan without the use of a fax machine. A person who doesn’t have a scanner or fax software on their computer might be able to find a cash loan that doesn’t require a fax. There are many cash lenders that rely upon electronic senders and secure forms which don’t require a fax.

A cash loan with no fax is something that anybody should be able to get. Nobody should be forced to get a cash loan from a dingy store because they don’t have a fax machine.