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A person without a bank account will be able to get a cash loan. Unfortunately an individual without a bank account will have a tougher time getting and using the money.

People without bank accounts can get a cash loan because cash loans usually involve a direct payment of cash to a person. Many storefront lenders will give a person who has no bank account a cash loan.

The storefront lenders in most big cities will hand cash directly to the borrower. The borrower will then have to use wire transfers or money orders to pay bills.

Get a Bank Account

The best advice for those who lack a bank account is to get a bank account. A bank account is usually cheaper and easier to use than the alternatives. Checks and electronic bill pay services offered by banks are usually free while money orders and wire transfers can $1 or $2 a piece or more.

One reason a person will want a bank account is that check cashing is usually free with a bank account. Check cashing stores and retail stores will cash checks but they may charge $3-$5 or more depending on the kind of check cashed.

With a bank account a person will be able to cash or deposit almost any check. Another advantage to a bank account is that electronic transfers of money and direct deposit can only go to bank accounts.

A person with a bank account can take advantage of check loans and online cash loans. In an online cash loan money is transferred directly to your bank account.

Where to Find a Bank Account

There are banks and other services that offer bank accounts to persons who can’t get normal bank accounts because of bad credit. Banks such as Academy Bank will give bank accounts to anyone who has a steady job. They will even open bank accounts with no credit check.

Another great alternative is online banking services such as and PayPal. These services will set up a bank account for anyone without a credit check. The bank account usually comes with a credit card. Account Now and Pay Pal even give their users the ability to send paper checks to individuals and businesses that request them.

Persons will be able to get cash using these services through ATM machines and cash back from retail stores. A big advantage to the online bank accounts is that these banks don’t charge overdraft fees. Instead they simply shut the account down until the customer puts money in it.

Cash Loans No Bank Account 

Many cash lenders and pawn shops will loan money to persons that don’t have bank accounts. Pawn shops will loan money to anyone who puts up a valuable as collateral for example.

Cash loan lenders will make cash loans available to those with no bank account who can prove they have a steady job.  Many check cashing establishments offer cash loans to their customers. Some of these places even offer loans designed to be paid back on the borrower’s next payday.